Where to find hats and photo booths in Horace game

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t play Horace the game you might want to skip this post, since it contains spoilers about the game.

After you have defeated the final boss of the game, you can complete the game immediately or collect 1 000 000 trash and get better ending.

One way of collecting extra trash is to go to each Photo booth with correct hat. You do not have to complete all photo booths, you only have to pass the trash limit.

There is an indicator that you haven’t done the photo booth of the location when you have near 80 trash left, since photo booth spills out 80 trash.

Around 80 trash

Below is (non-complete) list of photo booths and some hat locations

Inside the mansion

Every boss room should have photo booth, also cold room (where the penguins are) has at least one hat.

Outside the mansion

Outside mansion booth


Mainland booth
It is near Silton’s house

Mainland hats
Located next to photo booth, just go inside the door


Mainton booth
In the center of city


Factoryton booth
On train platform

Factoryton hats
Inside the automation building

Big city

Big city booth
Next to ticket selling machines

Big city hats
Next to big BCT building


Sitcombe booth
In the center of city

Sitcombe hats
Go right and inside a small white house