Steam required additional 57.51 GB download for a review

If you have used Steam, you know that you can download and install games with it. After playing games, you can also write reviews about those games. Unfortunately writing a review might not be that easy with Steam.

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition issue

Last month I bought new Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition release from Steam. As name suggests, it is an Enhanced Edition of Metro Exodus game that was released in 2019. Today I completed the game, and I wanted to write a review about it. Steam has write a review option, but for this release it doesn’t work. It only gives generic “There was a problem posting your review.” error when one tries to submit a review for this game.

I am not a first person to notice this issue. The problem seems to be that Steam doesn’t have store page for Enhanced Edition, so nobody can post reviews there even when Steam suggests that you should post a review about the game. Naturally one can post a review for Metro Exodus since it does have a store page.

I assume this issue also bothers some other releases.

But since both Metro Exodus and Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition are separate items in Steam, I have to download Metro Exodus before I can write a review for it.

57.51 GB download

So I started a 57.51 GB download from Steam, so I can just write a review.

Metro Exodus Steam Down

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